ATTENTION ANIMATORS: £1,000 Prize for Creating Museums at Night Promo

Kanoti's Animation for Museums at Night 2009

Museums at Night 2009 Animation by Kanoti

One of the key things about the Museums at Night campaign is that it’s very cost-effective because it uses the existing infrastructure and established web presence of Culture24. To build on this the majority of the marketing effort is online – from using editorial and RSS feeds to online advertising and social media.  Last year we created a ‘viral’ animation to get people to the Museums at Night page. This year we’re working with leading animation agency Kanoti, who produced last year’s animation and who already run a showcase event for young animators, to run a competition. We were inspired by seeing some of the brilliant amateur stuff on YouTube and thought an open competition would be a great way to get some unusual, creative ideas – especially as Museums at Night is such a smorgasbord of events!   The best animation will be used as the official 2010 online advert and the creator will be given £1,000.  A win-win for everyone!

For more information go to the Museums at Night page and please let anyone know who might be interested.

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