Strange coincidences: there’s no escaping museums!

Slices of lemon floating in a cup of tea

Hot lemon honey. Flickr photo by noodlesgirly, licensed under Creative Commons.

Yesterday I was at home with a streaming cold, and, mug of honey and lemon in hand, sat down in front of the TV – but what should I see?

On the antiques auction programme Flog It, the presenter was learning to make barley sugar at Beamish Museum in Co. Durham. On A Place in the Sun: Home or Away, a couple were deciding whether to retire on the South Coast, or in Corsica – but for no apparent reason, the programme also featured an old-style double decker bus from the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu.

When I turned the TV off and picked up a book of short stories inspired by Jane Austen (“Dancing with Mr Darcy” – don’t judge me!) I was surprised to see that they were picked from a competition run by Chawton House Library. I was also startled to notice that the publishers, Honno Press, are based at Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Just coincidence – or the universe prodding me to get back to work? Who can say?

~ Rosie

One response to “Strange coincidences: there’s no escaping museums!

  1. It was the universe working in strange ways to say, “we need you Rosie” – so glad you are back in. Ruth