Museums at Night Partners with BBC and British Museum’s A History of the World

We’re joining up with British Museum and BBC’s A History of the World for Museums at Night and encouraging museums who are not already running an event to plan one based on their AHOW objects. Below is a bit more information on the project from the BBC and British Museum:

A History of the World is a unique partnership between the British Museum, the BBC and museums across the UK to tell history through man-made objects that have both local and global resonances.

Hundreds of museums have already joined the project which has featured in a host of television and radio programmes including the Radio 4 landmark series `A History of the World in 100 Objects’, presented by Neil MacGregor Director of the British Museum. Since the launch on the 18th January, the interactive web site has been open to the public to make history by adding their own objects to the growing digital collection which will inspire people everywhere for years to come.

If you are already taking in part in  A History of the World, why not  take advantage of Museums at Night to promote the objects in your museum and encourage your audiences to upload their objects to the web site? If you would like to join A History of the World for the first time then to find out more about the project, the objects, the programmes and what has been contributed from your area, go to:

Rosie at Culture24 can direct you to those on the A History of the World project team who can provide further advice.

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