Excellent promotional ideas from Sulgrave Manor and Southend Central Museum

I’ve just had a good chat with Thea Young of Sulgrave Manor in Northamptonshire, the ancestral home of George Washington’s family.

To promote their Museums at Night candlelight tours on Friday May 14th, Thea explained that they’ve printed the event details on the back of every voucher they give to schoolchildren who visit the historic house, and they also make sure to slip event flyers into the envelopes of letters they post. Both sound great ways of getting the word out about your events to people who are already interested in your venue!


A friend recently visited Southend to watch a football match, and brought back this flyer to show me:

A publicity flyer showing the negative of a photo of a museum

Southend Central Museum Night of the Museum flyer

Southend Museums have created an eye-catching night-time effect in this design by showing a photo of their building in negative – and as well as promoting Southend Central Museum’s free Night of the Museum event, they’ve also made it easy for people to link up with them on Twitter (where they’re @MuseumSoS) and Facebook.

It’s great to see and hear about all the publicity venues are doing: please let me know what’s working well for you so I can share your good ideas! Don’t forget, if you want ready-designed poster or flyer templates to customise with details of your Museums at Night event, you can download them here.

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