The Guides to Museums at Night have arrived!

Guess what arrived in our office today? It’s the latest edition of BBC History Magazine, together with their lovely pullout Guide to Museums at Night!

A photo of a smiling marketing co-ordinator clutching two magazines

They've arrived!

The Magazine and Guide have gone out to the magazine’s 90,000 subscribers – hopefully lots of culture and heritage lovers will now know about the campaign.

My Culture24 colleagues and I are delighted (and relieved) to have found homes for all of the extra 100,000 copies of the Guide, which have now been dispatched from the mailing house. Thank you very much to everybody who asked for copies of the Guide, and to everybody else who we phoned up and persuaded to take a couple of boxes, without having seen the finished product! Lots of you are taking copies around your local libraries, shops, cafes, and even hotels and guesthouses – here’s hoping we reach new audiences and get hundreds of visitors along.

Another promotional opportunity came as a great surprise yesterday, when a producer from Radio Belgrade phoned up and recorded an interview with me talking about Museums at Night events in London! I think I managed to namecheck around 15 venues, and if the interview is streamed online, I’ll put up a link to it here.

And finally, peeking inside BBC History Magazine, can you guess what they’ve listed as the Number 1 Thing To Do in May? Yes – go to a Museums at Night event!

A photo of a smiling girl pointing at a magazine story

Museums at Night is Number 1!

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