What would you like to see on the Museums at Night blog in future?

Thanks to all our readers, commenters, lurkers, and everyone who’s contributed guest posts to the Museums at Night blog so far! Lots of people have said how much they value this blog as a forum for sharing good ideas, and it would be a shame to let the momentum die off over the next few months until we begin planning Museums at Night next year (which will take place from Friday 13th May – Sunday 15th May 2011).

A photo of people silhouetted against a cloudy sky

Museums at Night visitors watching hovercrafts at sea

So, what I’m thinking is that I’ll go back to posting here once or twice a week over the summer, until we begin the run-up to Museums at Night 2011.

We’re still collating feedback from everyone who planned a Museums at Night event this year (through our Venue Survey here), and as many people as possible who attended a Museums at Night event (through our Visitor Survey here) – and there are a lot of useful points being made!

What would you like to see featured here in future? Do you have any ideas you’d like to talk about, top tips or rueful recommendations based on your experiences of planning events at your venue? I’ll continue to look for guest posts about any aspect of promoting museums, galleries, libraries, archives and heritage sites: please get in touch if you have an idea you’d like to write about, or if there’s something you’d like me to discuss in more detail.

Please leave a comment, or email me on rosie@culture24.org.uk!

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