Museums at Night Global Gardeners photos from Topsham Museum

Charles Potter, the Audience Development Officer from Topsham Museum has created this lovely collage of photos from Topsham’s Global Gardeners Museums at Night event.

A photo collage of people looking at plants in gardens

Topsham Museum's Global Gardeners event

Charles explains, “The evening included guided tours around plants brought to England by the Veitch family. The weather did affect the throughput, but those who did turn out were very happy. Many saw the Museum exhibits for the first time as well.”

If your venue has interesting grounds, garden design features or outdoor sculptures, you don’t necessarily have to open up the museum: you could offer a guided tour around your grounds or the local area, targeted at gardeners / local history buffs / sculpture lovers. Of course, if you have collections related to the tour, you could always conclude the tour by ending up back at your museum, give everyone a cup of tea and allow them inside to explore.

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