Behind the scenes: evaluating and communicating!

What fantastic warm weather we’re having at the moment! I just thought I’d share a quick behind the scenes update about the Museums at Night evaluation.

A photo of a girl scratching marks into a candle

Making a candle clock at the Museum of Canterbury


Thank you to every venue who asked their visitors to fill in our evaluation forms. We’ve received almost all of them back now, and the data has been entered ready for analysis. Each venue will receive their personal feedback – comments ranged from rave reviews to useful suggestions: different lighting, even longer opening hours, and pleas for cups of tea at the end of tours!

It’s also wonderful how many venues took the time to fill in our online survey – this will be really useful when planning next year’s campaign to see how we can help you more.

We’re just waiting for the final few venues to send us their visitor numbers, then I’ll be able to reveal the total number of people who came to Museums at Night events this year. I’ve seen a rough estimate, and it’s an astonishing figure – testament to how this campaign really captures people’s imaginations.

The external evaluators are also interviewing stakeholders and selected venues with a story to tell, working out in detail exactly what makes an event or weekend programme a runaway success. We’re very keen to share all this expertise so that next year, whether you’re thinking of staging an event or of joining up with other local venues to offer a programme of Museums at Night excitement, you’ll be able to learn from others’ mistakes, and copy any brilliant ideas that have been proven to work.

The evaluation should be finished in around 3 weeks: I’ll send out another Museums at Night e-newsletter with a link so you can download it. (Not sure if you’re registered to receive our email newsletters? You can sign up here.)

Flickr competition

You have two weeks left to upload your photos into the Museums at Night Flickr group, before our judges pick their favourites to be showcased on the Culture24 website! The categories are:

1. Nightscape: Images of places and venues at night.
2. Action: Capture what is happening in the venue.
3. Objects: Pictures of museum and gallery artefacts or objects, or any other ‘still life’ picture.

Communicating the Museum

Finally, I’m flying off to volunteer at the Communicating the Museum conference in Vienna this week! I’m really looking forward to meeting people from lots of the European museums and galleries who take part in Nuit des Musées, and learning what they do to promote their venues and reach new audiences. When I get back I’ll be sure to share any great marketing and promotional ideas here on the blog.

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