Want a theremin concert in your venue for Museums at Night 2011?

A photo of a musician on stage with a light show

Musician Eric Ross performs at the Guggenheim, Bilbao

Is your museum or gallery suitable for staging an eerie-sounding show? It could certainly add to the evening’s atmosphere for your Museums at Night event!

Don’t forget, the dates of the next Museums at Night weekend are Friday 13th – Sunday 15th May 2011 – do make a note of them, and start discussing your event plans with your team.

I’ve been contacted by musician Eric Ross, offering a theremin concert at a UK museum or gallery as part of Museums at Night 2011. (A theremin, if you’re wondering, is an electronic musical instrument controlled without contact from the player.)

He offers the “Eric and Mary Ross Ultimedia Concept, a performance with video and live music (including the Theremin) as part of your programming for Museums at Night in May 2011. This combination of electronic arts, video and music, especially with the Theremin, would be attractive for your audiences and could fit well with your program.  The Rosses would also be available for a lecture demo workshop.”

You can find more information and videos on the couple’s websites:



And if you’re interested, you can contact them on ericrossmusic@stny.rr.com.

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