Run a Future Shorts screening for Museums at Night

International short film label and creators of the acclaimed Secret Cinema, Future Shorts are offering museums across the UK a unique opportunity to be part of a simultaneous cultural event.

Culture24 have teamed up with Future Shorts for Museums at Night to offer a special package connecting audiences across the country in a shared celebration of community and experience. This event offer is completely voluntary and open to any venue that is interested and able to host it.

Future Shorts will programme, license and distribute the official FS ONE selection to participating venues. The official film selection includes the best shorts from around the world in a 70-80 minutes programme, which in recent months has featured directors such as John Hillcoat (the Road) and Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), alongside a selection of the most exciting new filmmakers.

Whilst principally a film showcase, each venue will be encouraged to be make their event much more; fusing live music, performance, art, fashion and other interactive mediums to celebrate international creative culture.

Participating venues will receive…

•License to the official FS ONE April film programme

•Full digital film delivery

• Access to an online “Twitter Wall” that connects audiences in different cities through social media

•Marketing & Media Pack, including designs, programmes and press releases

•Event setup guide and support

The programme is delivered digitally online or on DVD if that is not possible. As a minimum each site must have or hire-in projection and audio equipment to support the show. Each venue is free to charge whatever they feel appropriate to cover the costs or make money from the event.

Culture24 will gauge interest in this offer with the aim of signing-up at least four venues. If you are interested in hosting a Future Shorts production contact Nick Stockman on 01237 623279 or email

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