New helpful video: Make the most of your event listing!

Going through all the Museums at Night events in our database, there are a few opportunities to really market your events that you may not be making the most of. I’ve made a video explaining how even the simplest of events can be described in ways that get readers’ attention.

There are also some exciting benefits to our new DDE system you may not be aware of: for example, you can now add a picture into every event and exhibition listing! Watch the video and learn more:

Whatever event listing you register in Culture24’s database is exactly what we share with all our partners online, and any journalists who ask for listings related to their area of interest, so it’s worth taking the time to make it sound compelling – and, of course, to spell check your words!

Event title: Please don’t just call your event Museums at Night – that’s the name of the campaign. Use the title to give a flavour of the event which will make viewers want to click on it and find out more! For example, can visitors explore or discover something? Are you offering sunset views or talks at twilight?

Excellent event descriptions: The examples I quote from are Topsham Museum with their lovely Railway Celebration; Mill Meece Pumping Station and their poetic Night Shift; and Darkness Falling mysteriously at Coughton Court.

Essential information: Please take a moment to fill in details of the start and end times of your event, whether you’re charging for admission, if visitors need to book in advance – and if so, the phone number or email address they need to contact! If you’re targeting a particular audience, whether family or adult, you can also make a note of this. And don’t forget to tick the Programmes box marked Museums at Night 2011!

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