Guest post: Chris Wakeman presents Late Night Scribble at Derby QUAD

I hope everyone’s enjoying the beautiful weather today, and that you all get a moment to bask in the sun! Gardens are lovely places to relax in these longer evenings, which brings me neatly, in an almost seamless segue, to an upcoming feature about Museums at Night events for garden-lovers in the beautifully designed Gardens Illustrated magazine. There will be hundreds of articles about the campaign appearing in newspapers and magazines over the next few weeks: it’s not too late to send your press releases and publicity photos to PR coordinator Pandora (!

Today’s guest post comes from Chris Wakeman, Engagement Officer at Derby arts venue QUAD.


Exterior of a modern city centre building lit up at night

QUAD at night, by photographer Graham Lucas

The idea of Museums at Night 2011 was put in front of me on my first day in a new job, so in some ways I‘ve been treating it as if it were my first child. That’s not to say I’m coming at it blind and naive; I’ve worked at QUAD for a while now but finally got a chance to prove myself when I was made Engagement Officer in January 2011.

My job’s about strengthening the relationship QUAD has with its existing audience, whilst building new and exciting relationships with groups and people we don’t already reach – and Museums at Night 2011 serves as a fantastic opportunity to do just that.

Working closely with our participation team of artists, we have devised The Late Night Scribble, a low-cost (very important – what with ‘the climate’ and all) high-fun project that sees us converting our multi-purpose space The Box into a blank canvas. For one night only, visitors will be encouraged to create their own works of art on it!

The idea of The Late Night Scribble, something that captures the creativity and imagination of QUAD and our customers, allows people to use our spaces in a way they haven’t been able to before, and more importantly is free to attend – well, that just feels right up our street!

A group of people drink beer and draw on white wall panels

Scribbling in the Box at QUAD

When I trawled our image bank I learnt that we have run events like this before and they’ve been moderately successful. I think that this time around, though, there are three reasons that the Late Night Scribble is really going to make headlines;

1.       On the same night as the Late Night Scribble the Box is also standing in as our Cafe Bar whilst we have a refit downstairs. That means budding artists can eat, relax, draw, craft, drink… everything…all in one place!

2.       Our artist facilitators are fantastic at whipping up enthusiasm and participation, and simply won’t take no for an answer if patrons are reluctant to try their hand!

3.       I won’t actually be at the Late Night Scribble as I’m getting married the day after; as such I’m planning on handing this baby over so that I can start thinking about real ones! Either way I’m certain it will be a weekend to remember.

A man in a hat and coat

Chris Wakeman

Chris Wakeman is QUAD’s Engagement Officer, the voice of QUAD’s QUADcast, introducer of QUAD’s weekly Midweek Treat, the host of QUAD’s Sunday Cinema film club (so much QUAD!) and an avid blogger in his spare time. Visit, and follow @Castapher_W on Twitter.


Thanks Chris – and we wish you all the best on your wedding day!

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