Museums at Night visitor survey questions

There are only 7 working days till Museums at Night, and we have a suggestion for you! If you’re planning to survey the visitors who come along to your event, please consider either downloading and using our official visitor survey, or copying our questions to use in your survey.

Download the official Museums at Night 2011 visitor survey here (Word document).

These survey questions were designed by our independent evaluators, and if you do use them, we’d love to include your results in our official evaluation! Please type the responses into a spreadsheet and email it to us by Friday 27th May.

On the night of your event, there are two things you should do:

1) Count the number of visitors who come along! We’ll be asking every venue to send us their visitor numbers afterwards. Last year, over 85,000 people attended a Museums at Night event, and this year we’re hoping for over 100,000 visitors.

2) Take high-resolution photos you’ll be able to use for publicity in future! Every year we ask participating venues for images to illustrate the idea of Museums at Night, and it’s always a challenge. Pictures showing people having a good time while exploring your building and interacting your collections are really useful to have. If you’re taking photos of children, be sure to ask permission from their parents or guardians. You can find lots of guidance on photos and publicity in our PR Toolkit.

It’s getting closer every day…

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