Guest post: Ann-Marie Peckham from the Museum of the Isles on Skye invites you to bring her a piece of history!

Welcome, everyone, to the busiest week of the year here at C24 Towers: with only a few days to go until Museums at Night kicks off on Friday night, we’re seeing an enormous amount of interest from the media and the public – in fact we’re extending the Faber Archive competition till 5pm today, so if you haven’t entered yet you still have time to do so! Simply click here.

I’d also like to welcome to all the hundreds of new readers who are visiting this blog every day! Mug of coffee in hand, I’m delighted to present a guest blog post today from Ann-Marie Peckham, who is Assistant Curator at one of the farthest-flung venues participating in Museums at Night:  the Museum of the Isles in Clandonald, on the Isle of Skye.


Last year for our first ever Museums at Night event we decided to host a 1940s themed event, complete with 1940s music, refreshments and parlour games to coincide with our temporary exhibition, Crofters and the Second World War. Our 1940s dress code was fully embraced by both visitors and staff, and the many games and activities that we had such as ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ were taken to with gusto!

A pile of historical travel books about the Western Isles of Scotland

Some visitors to the Isle of Skye end up publishing books about their trip!

This year’s evening event, Bring a Piece of History, is again based around our temporary exhibition, which is A History of Skye in 50 Objects. This was inspired by the highly successful A History of the World in 100 Objects run by the British Museum and the BBC. While we unfortunately do not have a radio programme to accompany our exhibition, we have enlisted the help of other museums and the archives centre on the Island, as well as the local newspaper to provide a fuller history of Skye. We have a fantastic and diverse range of objects on display from a 175 million year old dinosaur footprint to a modern day light bulb!

An ancient oil lamp and a modern lightbulb box

Ancient and modern light sources side by side

A rusted horseshoe

Will a historic horseshoe be lucky enough to win?

Our Bring a Piece of History evening will have an Antiques Road Show style format (hopefully without any embarrassing breakages!), where visitors are encouraged to bring along objects that they think are iconic or intrinsic to the history of Skye and tell us a little bit about them. At the end of the evening we will have a visitor vote to decide the winning object. A photograph of both the object and its owner (unless they are camera shy!) will then be included in the exhibition for the rest of the year.

Who knows what unexpected treasures will be brought along – but it’s sure to be an interesting and informative night!

A woman smiling

Ann-Marie Peckham

Ann-Marie Peckham is the Assistant Curator at the Museum of the Isles, Clan Donald Skye. You can visit their website or connect with them on Facebook here.

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