Guest post: Cat Gibbard presents Newlyn Art Gallery’s Book of the Night

MUSEUMS AT NIGHT IS HERE, PEOPLE! Tune in to Sky News at 1:45 to see the Director of the Churchill War Rooms discussing it! Everything is frantically exciting at C24 Towers right now, but I’m keen to share this guest blog post from Newlyn Art Gallery’s Education Officer Cat Gibbard about a really unusual creative Museums at Night event: all-night printing and bookbinding down in Cornwall!


Things are beginning to take shape in preparation for our Museums at Night marathon creative event, A Book of the Night.

The current inhabitants of our pop –up studio, which forms an integral part of The Exchange’s current exhibition Print! ( are the illustrators and designers Alexandra Higglet and Georgina Hounsome. Check out their blog, where they’re writing about what it’s like being on a week-long artists’ residency at The Exchange!

A woman doing letterpress printing

Alexandra Higglet's letterpress printing. Image courtesy of Studio Number Six.

To bring our Museums at Night plans together, we’re making the most of having these experts around. Alex and George are going to lead a merry band of creatives  through the night from Saturday to Sunday, designing and printing pieces of artwork that will ultimately be bound into a book, making aunique record of the night.

Although we’re all relishing the challenge of only having 12 hours in which to create something beautiful, as the time approaches, anxieties about the physical test of a sleepless night have begun to creep to the fore – we’re hoping that night-time nibbles from Newlyn Cheese and Charcuterie, a few glasses of wine and some upbeat music will keep the old grey matter stimulated.

People performing in a dimly lit space

A night-time performance in Newlyn Art Gallery's basement, part of the 2010 Fluxus Now Symposium. Image courtesy Newlyn Art Gallery.

At the last count, 23 intrepid people had registered to take part in this very unusual printing challenge! Although their identities will remain under wraps until they meet each other for the first time on the night, I can reveal that their ages range from 19 to 83 and amongst the artists, printmakers and writers we’ll also be welcoming a musician and an architect!

PZ Conservation will be popping by as the action gets underway on Saturday, no doubt bringing with them some words of wisdom on the technicalities of producing a book. They’ll reappear on Sunday morning to gather up the pages ready for binding – and to applaud those who are still standing!

A woman sitting at a desk

Cat Gibbard

Cat Gibbard is Education Officer at Newlyn Art Gallery. You can visit Newlyn Art Gallery’s website here, or connect with them on Twitter (where we may see live updates during the Book of the Night event) at @NewlynExchange.

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