Call for guest posts: write an event planning or marketing case study for cultural or heritage venues

Writing a guest post for the Museums at Night behind-the-scenes sector-facing blog can be a great way to talk about your venue and celebrate the work your team does.

The idea is to showcase lots of different voices from museums, galleries and heritage sites, passing on marketing and event planning ideas to inspire other venues who may be considering taking part for the first time.

Considering writing something for us, but looking for inspiration? Perhaps you could share how you planned and marketed your Museums at Night event, along with any tips about things that went well, and ideas for aspects you might do differently next time around.

Do you have to work at a museum, gallery or heritage site to write for us? Not necessarily – take a look at the guest posts other people have written here: We’re also interested in learning from artists, volunteers, reenactors, musicians, caterers, and in fact anyone with an interesting story to tell or recommendations to share about staging successful after-hours events in cultural and heritage venues.

To find out more, or discuss your ideas, email me at, or call me on 01273 623336.

Guest post requirements:

1) 200-350 words, in a chatty, friendly, style

2) A couple of photos of visitors exploring your venue, ideally at night, with the photographer’s credit. We always like to put up photos of people having fun at cultural / heritage venues!

3) A couple of lines about yourself, I’m happy to link to your website / Twitter account / LinkedIn profile etc.

4) A thumbnail-sized photo of you

I look forward to hearing from you!

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