9 top tips to make your Museums at Night Connect10 event a success

Are you entering an event plan into our new Connect10 competition to win an exciting artist? Wonderful!

Canpaign intern Beth Hogben has come up with some tips and ideas to consider when working with a visiting artist, to ensure that audiences get the best experience possible.

A woman in a red hat making a world map installation out of circuit boards

Artist Susan Stockwell, one of the Connect10 artists you could win, working on World in her studio

  1. Confirm the artist’s access and staging requirements ahead of time, so you can deal with any special requests in advance. Chris Pensa of Love Art London will help you liaise with your artist.
  2. Your artist may not be familiar with your local area, so consider meeting them at the station or their hotel when they arrive..
  3. Keep artists happy by offering them light refreshments – a cup of tea is always welcoming!
  4. Provide a private space at your venue for the artist to get ready before the event.
  5. Consider how technical aspects such as lighting and sound amplification could enhance your event. For example, make sure that any audience questions can be heard, and that the area where the artist will be speaking is well lit.
  6. Consider how the space where your event takes place will be laid out: where is the best place for the audience to view the artist? Will they see more sitting down or standing? How will the seating be arranged? If the artist will be speaking about collection objects in different rooms, do you have a staff member or volunteer to help guide your visitors around?
  7. Make sure visitors know where to go: if you have a large venue with lots of rooms, or other events going on at the same time, for instance, make sure the Connect10 event is well signposted.
  8. How will you introduce the artist to the audience? A staff member should be prepared to introduce the artist/event, and to lead a Q&A session afterwards.
  9. Create supporting information about the artist and your event which visitors can take away with them if they want to learn more. What will be the best way of distributing this to your audience?

We hope this will help you plan and run a successful event that your staff, volunteers and audience all enjoy! If you have any questions about the competition, the artists or any other aspect of Connect10 please contact us:

Rosie Clarke: 01273 623336 or rosie@culture24.org.uk

Nick Stockman:  01273 623279 or nick@culture24.org.uk

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