Register your event details by the end of today to join our first big PR push!

Just a quick reminder: we’re pulling together our first big Museums at Night PR push into long lead glossy magazines on Monday, so if you want your venue to be included, you need to register your event details by the end of today!

Even if you’re not 100% certain about the event you’ll be doing, log in to your venue’s record on Culture24’s DDE database, tell us the date and start time of the event, and use the event description field to tell us that an exciting evening is being planned. You can always log in again later and update it once you’ve confirmed the details.

Need a quick reminder of how to register your event details?

Make sure your venue is listed on Culture24′s website.

Our listings service is free to use for all UK gallery, museum and heritage venues that are publicly owned or funded. If your venue isn’t listed on the Culture24 site, you can request to be added here:

Need reminding of your username or password? 

If you are listed on the Culture24 site, but don’t yet have your username, you can get it here:

If you’re already signed up, the link to log in is here: 

Click ‘Add a new event or exhibition’ and use the form to add as much information as possible about your event. Don’t forget to make the event description sound as interesting as possible!

When you get to the yellow Tagging bar, the first option is Programmes. Click the ‘Add’ button, and tick the box marked Museums at Night 2012. Scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Save’.

A screenshot from Culture24's DDE database showing how to tick the Museums at Night Programmes box

Make sure to tick the Programmes box marked Museums at Night 2012!

Any questions or problems, please give me a call on 01273 623336 or drop me an email:

Finally, the photos for our media image library are rolling in thick and fast – thanks to everyone who’s emailed me high-res pictures of people having a good time at arts and heritage after-hours events! If you have good pictures and you’d like a bit of extra publicity, email them across to me at the address above.

Phew, what a week – finally, I’d like to wish everybody a peaceful and relaxing weekend!

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