Rosie’s Museums at Night article appears in Historic House Magazine

As you may remember, 5pm yesterday was our publicity deadline for museums and galleries to register their Museums at Night events, for the chance to be featured in BBC History Magazine’s Guide to Museums at Night.

There’s a reason why we issue publicity deadlines throughout the buildup to the campaign. On Wednesday evening there were just over 80 Museums at Night events registered in the database. And by the end of the day yesterday, this number had jumped to 140.

Thank you to everyone who registered their events: it was lovely talking to so many of you and learning about your exciting plans!

If you missed this deadline, fear not – you’re not too late to be part of the festival. You can register your event details right up until Museums at Night weekend itself, but we encourage you to get your listings into our database as soon as possible to achieve the maximum amount of PR coverage possible.

And now for something completely different, but also wonderfully positive!

The Historic Houses Association are Museums at Night campaign partners, and in January they asked me to write an article for their magazine about the benefits of running an after-hours event as part of the festival.

And today, what should arrive at C24 Towers but the spring issue of Historic House Magazine … complete with my article on page 41?

A woman smiling holding a copy of Historic House Magazine

It's a beautiful magazine, made all the more glorious by...

A magazine page with an article about Museums at Night

... My article in the magazine!

Thanks to the HHA for inviting me to write this: Project Manager Nick and I are both very happy to write about, or be interviewed about Museums at Night for any media outlet! If you’re interested, please give me a call on 01273 623336 or email

Have a relaxing weekend, everyone!

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