Get the Museums at Night 2012 PR Toolkit!

An impressive stone castle at night

Get new visitors in through your doors for Museums at Night with our PR Toolkit. Dover Castle photo (c) English Heritage

Every year I rewrite our PR toolkit to help venues promote their Museums at Night events, and I’m delighted to share the latest version with you!

Museums at Night 2012 PR Toolkit (Word document)

Museums at Night 2012 PR Toolkit (PDF)

This document is 10 pages long and includes tips on:

Crafting a compelling event listing
Planning your press campaign
Writing a successful press release (complete with Notes to Editors)
Making the most of pictures
Broadcasting opportunities
Using your own website / blog
Email newsletters
Print publicity
Social media

Every year the Toolkit gets longer as I learn more both about publicity and about the needs of participating venues – I hope it’ll be a useful resource for your teams.

In Oscar-acceptance-speech style, I’d like to thank campaign manager Nick Stockman and PR guru Pandora George for their input, the volunteers of North Norfolk’s Victorian Nights festival for asking such great questions during our recent marketing training session, and the tutors at my CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing evening classes.

Finally, do you have any top tips for raising awareness of your events to share?

For example, I recently visited a hard-to find historic property. They recommended that, if you’re not allowed to stand an A-board sign on the pavement directing passers-by to your event, then why not simply chalk a few words and arrows on the pavement to lead potential visitors towards your doors?

A cheeky guerrilla marketing idea, but it worked for them … what’s worked for you?

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