Museums at Night: only 7 days to go!

This time has come around so quickly – Nick, Beth and I are entering the most intense period of our year!

Firstly, it’s not too late to be part of Museums at Night. To register your event in Culture24’s database, log in here and add a new event, making sure to tick the box marked Museums at Night 2012.

Make sure to describe your event and your collections so that the whole evening sounds as rich and exciting as possible: what will visitors be able to experience, hear, touch, taste, smell? Will they be able to go back in time, or have the chance to try a new craft skill, or to watch a live performance unfold – or will they have the option of relaxing with a drink and watching the sunset? Paint a picture!

Any questions or problems with your event? Think you might have to cancel it? We need to know – please call me on 01273 623336 or email

Secondly, once you’ve registered your event you need to promote it to your local audience: now’s a great time to send your press releases out to local radio stations, for instance. Our PR Toolkit can help!

Download the PR Toolkit here as a Word document and here as a PDF.

It’s great that so many venues are sending out press releases and getting into local newspapers and radio – we’re also keen to hear any stories about creative ways you’re spreading the word about your Museums at Night events.

All the publicity we can get for Museums at Night at this stage is great: I spoke at Museums Showoff and was overwhelmed when my doubtful question “Who here has heard of Museums at Night?” was met with resounding cheers. Terence Eden has shared the videos of all the Museums Showoff speakers here – it was a wonderful night and I’d definitely recommend any blog readers to go along or even present at the next one!

As ever, we’d love to see examples of your printed publicity, both for our print archive and evaluation, and to showcase here on the blog.

Jessica Hartshorn from Rugby Art Gallery & Museum shared this fantastic poster design for their family-friendly Night at Your Museum extravaganza:

Bandaged mummy hands reach out to grab children in a dark museum

Finally, if you’re thinking of asking your visitors evaluation questions about their experience of your event, why not use our visitor survey? You can download the Museums at Night 2012 Visitor Survey questions here.

If you do use these questions, please share the results data with us so you can be part of the official festival evaluation.

Have a relaxing weekend, everybody – we’ll have more news and tips for you next week!

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