1 day to go till Museums at Night: final top tips!

Museums at Night starts tomorrow, and we’re already very excited! Here are our final top tips for participating venues.

What to do NOW

1) Follow up on your press releases now – make sure that local newspapers, radio and bloggers all know about your event.

2) If you still have posters, flyers or brochures, distribute them now!

3) Use your website, Twitter and Facebook channels to remind your followers about your event. Remember to link to your event listing so people can find out more. @MuseumsAtNight will retweet you – and #MatN2012 is the hashtag.

4) Make sure your staff and volunteers are all prepared for your event: double check that you have all the resources you need.

5) Want your event to be part of the festival evaluation? Please print and use these visitor survey forms, and email us the data you gather – or direct your visitors to the Museums at Night online visitor survey here.

What to do on the night of your event

1) To attract potential visitors walking by on the night, put up an A board with directions – or go guerrilla and chalk on the pavement!

2) Take lots of photos of visitors having a good time: these are very useful for publicity in future. When taking photos of kids, get their parents’ permission.

3) Count the number of visitors who attend your event – we’ll be asking you for these figures!

A cartoon about Museums at Night

Museums at Night can be exhausting (c) Modern Toss

What to do after your event

1) Share your photos of the night, via your own website and social media channels. If you have really stunning shots, see if your local paper will run a follow-up story.

Please also share your photos into the Museums at Night 2012 Flickr group, using the Flickr hashtag #museumsatnight.

2) Collate your visitor survey results into a spreadsheet, ready to send to rosie@culture24.org.uk.

3) Put your feet up with a well-deserved slice of cake!

Best wishes to you all – and as usual, if you have any questions or problems please contact rosie@culture24.org.uk or email 01273 623336.

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