Get extra publicity all year round with Culture24’s BBC partnership!

One of the key elements that helps the 5000+ arts and heritage organisations on Culture24’s database to reach new audiences all year round, building on the big spike of interest that happens around Museums at Night, is signing up as part of our BBC partnership.

I’ve asked Culture24’s Activities Assistant Jack Shoulder to explain a bit more about how this partnership works and what the benefits are for your venue.


The BBC Things to Do website landing page full of colourful activities

Did you know that Culture24 is the official cultural data provider to the BBC? This means  we can send the details of your Museums at Night event to the BBC’s Things To Do site, which gives people a chance to discover hands-on activities happening around the country.

It’s more than just Museums at Night though! Activities going on at any time of the year feature on the Things To Do site,  providing you with an even bigger platform to get the word out.

The best bit? It’s all completely free.

“Oh, I suppose this means I’ve got to brand all my events as a ‘BBC thing’ now?” Actually, you don’t. You don’t have to be running specific BBC-themed events to become a partner or feature on Things To Do. All sorts of activities being put on by museums, galleries, heritage sites, science centres and other cultural venues feature on the site.

The one thing they all have in common? They all get the audience involved.

The Next Step:

It is quick and easy to become a BBC Partner with us: just fill in this simple form and away you go!

If you have any questions or want to know a bit more about the BBC Partnership, please contact or


Thanks, Jack!

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