Introducing new Museums at Night festival intern Holly Parsons

A girl in blue smilingHello, my name is Holly and I will be one of the Culture24 interns for this year.

I have previously worked in museums in Portsmouth and Brighton.

While studying in Portsmouth I worked at Portsmouth City Museum. My role involved updating the catalogue of early twentieth century postcards, updating the details of their description, postmark and printers. This was a long and gruelling task, however, over time withdrawal symptoms have kicked in and I now have an unhealthy obsession for anything to do with postcards and stamps.

Since moving to Brighton I have become a volunteer for the Old Police Cells, which are located under Brighton Town Hall. I started as a tour guide but soon became the ‘Twitterbook Monkey’ and organised our bid for Museum Accreditation. You can find out what we’re doing by following @PolicecellsBri on Twitter or joining our Facebook page

In future I would love to work in a museum. I particularly enjoy tour guiding, where I get to have fun talking to the visitors and discussing objects and issues, and working in the back rooms finding hidden objects in the collection and updating the catalogue.

I am really looking forward to working with Culture24 on the Museums at Night festival because it’s an opportunity to learn about a wide variety of museums and collections. I may be contacting you on the phone soon: I look forward to helping you!

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  1. Congratulations Holly