Got good or bad news about your Museums at Night event?

With seven days to go until the festival explodes into life, it’s that time when last minute changes happen – so please keep us informed!

A woman in 18th century costume inside a historic building

A face from the past at London’s Benjamin Franklin House, preparing to take visitors back in time (c) Benjamin Franklin House

Making changes

We’ve already sent out a lot of press releases about the Museums at Night events registered in our database. If the details of your event have changed, please log in to your record and amend the listing.

Slow ticket sales

If you’re having difficulty selling tickets and your team are getting concerned that your event may not be a success, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can go all out to flag it up in our public-facing communications. If you let us know straight away, we may be able to help you! Contact Nick Stockman on or call 01273 623278.


If for some reason you need to cancel your event, please tell us so we don’t keep promoting the event and send frustrated visitors your way, only to be disappointed! Simply email ASAP.

Sold out?

We’re always pleased to hear that your events are sold out – but the public need to know as well.

Log in to your event record and open the Event Status dropdown menu – then change the status from Confirmed to Fully Booked, and save your changes.

A form with a red arrow pointing to the words Fully Booked

All the best!

There’s not long to go, now – excitement is mounting and the Museums at Night team are already getting booked up for radio interviews! And for the second year running we have well over 500 Museums at Night events taking place across the UK – find out what’s happening in your area at

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