FAQs about the Connect10 competition entry form

Several people who couldn’t make it to our recent Museums at Night / Connect10 briefing sessions have asked to see the slides that Nick and I used to introduce Culture24’s work, the Museums at Night festival and the Connect10 competition.


When you fill in the Connect10 competition entry form, you’ll be asked to select your chosen artist, and then answer the following questions.

1) Spencer Tunick’s event idea, which is limited to organisations in the Greater London area, involves outdoor photo shoots.
If you have chosen Spencer Tunick, please tell us about a maximum of four locations you are suggesting for this site specific work in a maximum of 25 words for each site. Then send one image per location to rosie@culture24.org.uk and nick@culture24.org.uk marked ST image.

A group of nude bodies lying in an urban landscape

Installation (c) Spencer Tunick

2) Please tell us why you have chosen this particular artist, and what connections you see between their work and your venue, collections or location. (Maximum 100 words) 

3) Please tell us about the event you’d like to run with your selected artist. Make sure you have read the artist’s statement and thought about what you can achieve that relates to the artist’s practice and stays within budget.

The brief outline should address questions such as: What will happen? What format will it take? How will it involve audience participation? Whereabouts in your venue will it take place? Let us know any relevant information. (Maximum 200 words)

4) What sort of audience are you aiming to attract with this event? For example, are you aiming to reach lapsed attenders, families who want a hands-on element to the event, or mature explorers who want an event with an educational element? (Maximum 100 words)

For more information about audience development strategies, read Targeting specific audiences.

5) Each winning venue will have £2,000 to spend on their event and any artists’ materials. This doesn’t include the artist’s fee and travel and accommodation costs, which Culture24 will cover.

Please use this space to provide a basic budget outline: what would you spend your prize money on? Remember to include the proceeds from any ticket sales if you intend to charge an admission fee. (Maximum 100 words)

Ready to enter? Fill in the entry form here to tell us which artist you’d like to win and what you’d do with them, by 5pm on Friday 22 November.

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