Guest Post: Meet Museums at Night Intern Rebecca Hone

A smiling girl in a red skirt standing in front of a painted wall.

Rebecca Hone outside Culture24 offices

Hello! I am Rebecca Hone and I am lucky enough to be the new Museums at Night 2014 festival intern.

My background includes studying History of Art at UEA within the walls of the fabulous Sainsbury Centre, as well as a mixture of experience from galleries and arts organisations. I have been working for the last 6 months as Assistant Curator at Mascalls Gallery, a gallery in the heart of Kent, which has been exhibiting a mixture 20th century and contemporary artists since it opened in 2006.

My first contact with working with Museums at Night was in 2013 while I was a Gallery Assistant at Jerwood Gallery who won the public vote for the Chapman Brothers do an evening event in this gallery by the sea.

Crowd of people looking at life size picture consequence drawing © Pete Jones

Museums at Night 2013 at Jerwood Gallery © Pete Jones

Life sized picture consequences were played through the gallery amidst wine, laughter and a flurry of creativity. The day after, children came into the gallery to tackle to same challenge of these grand sized picture consequences but this time with an injection of colour!

From here my enthusiasm for what Museums at Night do has blossomed and I am thrilled to now be part of a team that helps to shower the UK with such events.

My first few weeks have had me diving straight in and has been hugely varied already! Excitement fills the room every time ideas for events are shared around the office, planned or confirmed.

I look forward to speaking to many of you on the phone in due course and finding out what you are planning for this year’s Museums at Night Festival in May!

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