Let’s Talk About Space: arts and science excitement for your Museums at Night event

Today we have an unusual offer to bring your venue alive for Museums at Night with a musical astronomy show!

UPDATE 14/03/2014: Let’s Talk About Space have now been paired up with a museum for Saturday 17 May, but they’re still available for Museums at Night events on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 May.

Two men in front of a projection of the galaxy

Kieran and Chris from Let’s Talk About Space

Let’s Talk about Space is a unique astronomy show that will introduce your audience to space concepts through the spoken word, live music, film, animation and 3D visuals.

The hosts of Let’s Talk about Space, Kieran and Chris, can lead your venue’s Museums at Night visitors on a guided tour of the wonders of the Solar System and beyond through their unique shows. Their aim is to encourage the general public, children and adults alike, to take an active interest in and develop their knowledge of Astronomy and Science.

By combining cross platform arts (live music/film/animation/spoken word) with astronomy lessons, group discussion, stunning visuals and some cutting edge technology (SolarWalk/StarWalk), Let’s Talk about Space dispel any myth that science is boring. They evoke a sense of wonder through creating fun and interactive environments which the audience can relate to 

Two men in a cardboard box with colanders on their heads

The Let’s Talk About Space duo prepare to head into the stratosphere

Since the project’s initial conception in early 2012, Let’s Talk About Space have held performances at the Glasgow Science Centre Planetarium, held the UK’s first ever 100% solar powered concert at The Scottish Dark Sky Observatory, hosted an evening of astronomy lessons at Glasgow’s West End Festival (attended by members of NASA) as well as performing at numerous music festivals, arts centres and schools.

Let’s Talk about Space are based in Scotland, but are more than happy to travel further afield around the UK.

Kieran and Chris are comfortable performing to audiences ranging in size from 20 to 800 people, and varying the scale of kit they use from stripped-back AV equipment to larger visual projections and theatre-style stage props.

The team charge a flexible, negotiable day rate from £300 – £800, depending on the type of venue they’re going to.

Each performance lasts roughly an hour, and for the agreed day rate the team are happy to hold as many or as few performances as desired by the venue. The show can be adapted to suit your event, focusing on either the educational content or the live music side of things.

If you’re interested in bringing Let’s Talk About Space to your venue for Museums at Night, please contact Nick Stockman on 01273 623279.

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