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Read the Evaluation of Museums at Night 2012

Hello again from Project Manager Nick Stockman and myself – we hope you all had a good summer, and we’re happy to be back … and delighted to share with you the Evaluation Report looking at the Museums at Night 2012 festival!

A colourful graphic image from a report

See Museums at Night stats presented differently in this year’s Executive Summary

Download the Executive Summary (3 page PDF, 414 KB)
Download the full Evaluation (22 page PDF, 3.8 MB)

The key statistics are:

2012 was a record-breaking year for the Museums at Night festival, with 416 venues running 537 events.

121,000 visits were made: 43,000 people were new to the venues they visited, while 5,000 had never been to an arts or heritage venue before.

Media coverage was valued at £3.4 million AVE, including a Sky Arts documentary and over 2,000 pages of press cuttings.

This is terrific, and we’re very grateful to everyone who helped make the festival such a success.

We’re looking forward to working with you again on a brilliant Museums at Night festival for 2013 – we hope to offer you more event packages, more inspiring resources, and more promotional support to make this the most successful festival ever.

Don’t forget that we’ve shifted the dates by one day – it will now run from Thursday 16th to Saturday 18th May 2013.

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Should we change the dates of Museums at Night? Complete our venue survey and win prizes!

Reading the responses museums and galleries have shared in the Museums at Night 2012 Venue Survey is an education as always!

Each year after the festival is over, we survey all the venues who ran an event.

As Museums at Night grows bigger each year, with more and more organisations participating, it’s very important to find out what your on-the-ground experience of running an event was like, and whether there were any points where the Culture24 team could have offered you more help or different resources.

Would you run a Museums at Night evening event on a Thursday?

This year we’re also asking whether you’d be more likely to take part again in future if Museums at Night took place on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday rather than a Friday, Saturday and Sunday as it currently does.

We need another 90 venues who ran a Museums at Night event to fill in our survey by Friday, to make the resulting data statistically valid – so please take 10 minutes to give us your thoughts about the festival here!

Finish the survey and win a prize!

If you complete the Museums at Night venue survey by Friday, you’ll be in the running to win one of 2 great prizes – a £50 Amazon voucher or a complete set of Raymond Chandler’s novels.

A stack of Raymond Chandler novels

Just look at the lovely books you could win – if you complete the survey in the next 2 days!

This fantastic set of books includes The Big Sleep; Farewell, My Lovely; The High Window; The Lady in the Lake; The Little Sister; The Long Goodbye; Playback; and Trouble is my Business – along with a very striking poster!

This prize comes courtesy of the lovely people at Penguin Books.

For the chance to win, simply complete our survey by Friday 15 June!

How can we improve Museums at Night?

It’s really interesting reading the results from our surveys, and finding out how the Museums at Night campaign impacted on museums, galleries and heritage sites around the country.

Thank you to everybody who has already taken the time to share what worked well, and where the festival could be improved – we read every response, and your feedback is a key part of the festival evaluation.

If you ran a Museums at Night event, we want your feedback by Friday 1 June!

Please fill in this simple survey now! 

It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, and will really help Nick and I to do an even better job of supporting you and your team next year.

You can even win a £50 Amazon voucher!

Thanks very much indeed.

A group of children with torches in a library at night

Hunting high and low for your Museums at Night feedback! Torchlit tour, part of a Doctor Who themed sleepover (c) John Rylands Library, Manchester

Museums at Night 2012 – how was it for you?

We’re still reeling from the intensity of Museums at Night weekend – this was definitely the biggest festival ever! We’d like to thank everybody involved, from our funders to our partners, but particularly the staff and volunteers at the participating venues.

A group of kids in a museum in sleeping bags with a stuffed lion

Children bedding down for the night at Sunderland Museum’s sleepover under the watchful eye of Wallace the lion (c) Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens

How was it for you?

We would love to hear what you thought, and how we could improve Museums at Night in future years.

If your venue ran an event, please fill in our venue survey: you could win a £50 Amazon voucher!

If you attended an event, please fill in our visitor survey: you could also win a £50 Amazon voucher!

Staying in touch with new visitors

Venues, if you’re sending follow-up emails, tweets or Facebook posts to the visitors who came to your Museums at Night event, we’d really appreciate it if you included a link to our visitor survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TLSVSNZ

In the spirit of sharing best practice, here’s what the Towner Gallery wrote in an email when they contacted their Museums at Night event visitors yesterday: note the fact that they mention prizes, and invite their visitors to a different special after-hours event!

Subject: Win £50 + Melting Vinyl tickets

Dear Nick

We hope you enjoyed the Museums at Nightclub and succeeded in graduating from the University of Misunderstanding!

We would be very grateful if you would fill out a short survey to tell us what you thought of the event.  It only takes a minute, and as a thank you for your time, you will be entered into a draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher or a pair of tickets to a Melting Vinyl gig of your choice*!

Take the Museums at Night survey

Please note this survey is for everyone who attended a Museums at Night event across the UK, so you’ll have to fill in “Towner” as the venue. Museums at Night are offering one winner a £50 Amazon voucher, but we are also offering the Melting Vinyl tickets only to people who attended Towner’s event, so you’re in with a good chance of winning!

We would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to a special event at Towner on Thursday 31 May – join us for A Night to Remember, and you could win a limited edition artwork!

Hope to see you again soon students,

The Towner team

*Melting Vinyl tickets valid for any gig til the end of the year, unless sold out

Stories and photos

Nick and I are also fascinated to hear about anything special you did that made your event a success.

We’d also love to see your photos – please either email them to nick@culture24.org.uk, or share them into the Museums at Night 2012 Flickr archive here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/museumsatnight2012

Photos you share with us could well be seen by thousands of people, as we use them in email newsletters, on the blog and the Culture24 website, and in the festival evaluation which we’ll be working on for the next couple of months.

News from Europe

Museums at Night in Moscow saw one in ten residents visit a museum! Their mascot for the evening was Bandit the Fox, and they invited their fans to replace their avatar on social networks with Bandit’s face, to show that they’d be going to a Museums at Night event.

1 day to go till Museums at Night: final top tips!

Museums at Night starts tomorrow, and we’re already very excited! Here are our final top tips for participating venues.

What to do NOW

1) Follow up on your press releases now – make sure that local newspapers, radio and bloggers all know about your event.

2) If you still have posters, flyers or brochures, distribute them now!

3) Use your website, Twitter and Facebook channels to remind your followers about your event. Remember to link to your event listing so people can find out more. @MuseumsAtNight will retweet you – and #MatN2012 is the hashtag.

4) Make sure your staff and volunteers are all prepared for your event: double check that you have all the resources you need.

5) Want your event to be part of the festival evaluation? Please print and use these visitor survey forms, and email us the data you gather – or direct your visitors to the Museums at Night online visitor survey here.

What to do on the night of your event

1) To attract potential visitors walking by on the night, put up an A board with directions – or go guerrilla and chalk on the pavement!

2) Take lots of photos of visitors having a good time: these are very useful for publicity in future. When taking photos of kids, get their parents’ permission.

3) Count the number of visitors who attend your event – we’ll be asking you for these figures!

A cartoon about Museums at Night

Museums at Night can be exhausting (c) Modern Toss

What to do after your event

1) Share your photos of the night, via your own website and social media channels. If you have really stunning shots, see if your local paper will run a follow-up story.

Please also share your photos into the Museums at Night 2012 Flickr group, using the Flickr hashtag #museumsatnight.

2) Collate your visitor survey results into a spreadsheet, ready to send to rosie@culture24.org.uk.

3) Put your feet up with a well-deserved slice of cake!

Best wishes to you all – and as usual, if you have any questions or problems please contact rosie@culture24.org.uk or email 01273 623336.

Museums at Night: only 7 days to go!

This time has come around so quickly – Nick, Beth and I are entering the most intense period of our year!

Firstly, it’s not too late to be part of Museums at Night. To register your event in Culture24’s database, log in here and add a new event, making sure to tick the box marked Museums at Night 2012.

Make sure to describe your event and your collections so that the whole evening sounds as rich and exciting as possible: what will visitors be able to experience, hear, touch, taste, smell? Will they be able to go back in time, or have the chance to try a new craft skill, or to watch a live performance unfold – or will they have the option of relaxing with a drink and watching the sunset? Paint a picture!

Any questions or problems with your event? Think you might have to cancel it? We need to know – please call me on 01273 623336 or email rosie@culture24.org.uk.

Secondly, once you’ve registered your event you need to promote it to your local audience: now’s a great time to send your press releases out to local radio stations, for instance. Our PR Toolkit can help!

Download the PR Toolkit here as a Word document and here as a PDF.

It’s great that so many venues are sending out press releases and getting into local newspapers and radio – we’re also keen to hear any stories about creative ways you’re spreading the word about your Museums at Night events.

All the publicity we can get for Museums at Night at this stage is great: I spoke at Museums Showoff and was overwhelmed when my doubtful question “Who here has heard of Museums at Night?” was met with resounding cheers. Terence Eden has shared the videos of all the Museums Showoff speakers here – it was a wonderful night and I’d definitely recommend any blog readers to go along or even present at the next one!

As ever, we’d love to see examples of your printed publicity, both for our print archive and evaluation, and to showcase here on the blog.

Jessica Hartshorn from Rugby Art Gallery & Museum shared this fantastic poster design for their family-friendly Night at Your Museum extravaganza:

Bandaged mummy hands reach out to grab children in a dark museum

Finally, if you’re thinking of asking your visitors evaluation questions about their experience of your event, why not use our visitor survey? You can download the Museums at Night 2012 Visitor Survey questions here.

If you do use these questions, please share the results data with us so you can be part of the official festival evaluation.

Have a relaxing weekend, everybody – we’ll have more news and tips for you next week!

Read the evaluation of Museums at Night 2011!

The evaluation is out at last! Thank you for helping to make 2011 the most successful Museums at Night ever. 352 venues staged 467 events, in 169 different towns and cities across the UK. These fantastic events attracted over 100,000 visitors, and attracted media coverage worth over £1.1 million pounds – an extraordinary result, based on direct campaign funding of only £95,000.

A child asleep in a museum clutching a mask

Sleeping over in a museum (c) Pal Hansen

The most flattering statistic for Project Manager Nick Stockman and myself is that 94% of participating venues said they’d take part again – we look forward to working with you all on the 2012 campaign.

The 6-page Executive Summary contains the top line statistics, and takes five minutes to read.
Download the Executive Summary here

The 42-page Evaluation Report contains the results of our research over the course of the campaign, along with a series of case studies from participating venues.
Download the full Evaluation Report here

If you just want to find out how participating venues thought the Museums at Night experience went, you can read the case studies on their own.
Download the case studies here

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