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Meet our new Museums at Night Project Manager Nick Stockman!

I’m really enjoying working with our new Project Manager, who’s already enlivening Culture24 with both his professional expertise and his deadly accuracy at hurling snowballs. Together we’ll be bringing you all kinds of useful resources and partnership opportunities over the next few months – watch this space!

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Nick Stockman

Hi, my name’s Nick Stockman and I have joined Culture24 as Museums at Night’s project manager for 2011.

I come from heading up the Brighton Fringe for 6 years, and before that, managing bands and venues in the music industry. I love visiting all kinds of cultural institutions from sweaty clubs to major national museums, and I think the UK has an incredibly exciting and diverse cultural offer.

My particular favourite museum is the Booth Museum of Natural History in Brighton. It has a superb collection of stuffed animals, and taxidermy isn’t the kind of thing that gets much exposure normally – so it is an experience you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

The thought of next year’s Museums at Night is already filling me with expectant anticipation, I’m a  big fan of this sort of annual festival of pushing boundaries and creative mayhem and I can assure you that Rosie, Pandora and all the team at Culture24 will be striving to achieve something really special for 2011.

You can contact Nick on 01273 623336 or email him at