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Live music for Museums at Night

Every year, the Museums at Night team work in partnership with a range of organisations to give arts and heritage venues opportunities to include new creative content in their festival events.

A band performing in a museum basement, lit with magenta light

Birmingham dub band Troumaca performing in the basement of Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum as part of Museums at Night 2012. Photo courtesy Ben Miller.

We are now working with the Association of Independent Music (AIM) to help musicians and bands get together with arts and heritage venues to create events for the 2013 festival. We’ll be listing the contact information for artists and acts that are available to play in our e-newsletters over the next couple of months.

To kick us off:

Contact Ben Wileman for more information.

  • Folk musician James J Turner is signed to Liverpool-based Touch The Moon Records.

Contact Judith Whittaker to talk about booking James.

Talk to Debra if you are interested in any of her acts appearing at your venue.

Watch out for more  information about musical acts available to play during Museums at Night over the coming weeks: sign up for our email newsletters here to ensure you don’t miss out!